Karolina Pro 2018

Karolina Pro 2018 – Slingshot Twin Tip Kiteboard


Karolina Pro 2018 – Slingshot Twin Tip Kiteboard


Here is the new kitebaord by Slingshot dedicated to Karolina Winkowska.


By Slingshot Kiteboarding Site:

The Karolina Pro delivers great pop and cushy landings thanks to a progressive rocker profile, subtle V-spine and lively wood core construction.

With a versatile rocker profile, it can hold its own in chop, swell and rough conditions, as well as flat water freestyle.

The tip and tail feature upturned edges designed to prevent catching an edge while pressing on rails, kicker and sliders, making the KP a great crossover board for the cable parks.

SIZE: 135cm


Package Includes

  • Karolina Pro Deck
  • 4 x 2″ Kite Fins
  • Grab Handle


  • High-performance board for female riders
  • Signature model for World Champion Karolina Winkowska
  • Great load and pop, soft landings
  • Lively and durable wood core construction
  • Tip and tail channels allow smooth pressing and clean release
  • Solid crossover cable park board


Slingshot team rider Karolina Winkowska is in a class of her own. Friendly but fiercely competitive, humble but incredibly talented, Karolina is a true ambassador for female athletes around the world. As a two-time world freestyle champion and 2016 Kite Park League champion, Karolina needs a board that can stand up to the high-performance demands and varying conditions of her epic kite lifestyle. The Karolina Pro is exactly that. 

Rider Profile:
Although proven capable of winning world titles, you don’t have to be a competitive freestyle rider to love the Karolina Pro. With moderate rocker (less than a dedicated freestyle board), the KP can be classified as an all-around board that excels in a variety of conditions. If you’re a motivated female kiter who rides hard and wants a bomber board that won’t hold you back, the Karolina Pro is for you.



Karolina Pro 2018 – Slingshot Twin Tip Kiteboard

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Karolina Pro 2018 – Slingshot Twin Tip Kiteboard
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