Slingshot Kiteboarding 2018 – Video & Features


Slingshot Kiteboarding 2018 – Video & Features


Here is part of the new Slingshot kite production.


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Slingshot Rally 2018

Slingshot Rally 2018


The Rally features a Delta-C shape, tapered wingtips and fine-tuned three-point bridle system.

This design yields more depower and a wider wind range than more traditional shapes and makes relaunching as easy as a gently pull on one end of the bar.

Tapered wingtip provides a tight pivot radius for fast steering and mellow, predictable loops.

For jumping, the Rally’s hybrid delta shape provides long, lofty airs that are great for staying under control and landing gently regardless of how high you go.

For wave riding and foiling, the Rally’s feathery downwind drift makes the Rally the ideal cross-over performer, while on the opposite spectrum it also unhooks for cross-over freestyle/wakestyle.

SIZES: 5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/14 M


  • The all-around utility player- one kite for all conditions
  • Worry-free relaunch, wide range and great depower
  • Solid crossover surf performance
  • Forgiving, safe and stable- great for user-friendly progression
  • Lofty airs, fun freeride performance
  • Extensive black layout prevents UV damage


Slingshot SST 2018

Slingshot SST 2018

The SST is fine-tuned to fly deeper in the window than most kites.

This, combined with the kite’s shape and bridle setup, yields hero-level downwind drift and steering response even when tension on the lines is minimal.

It’s the park-and-ride performance that you dream about. It pulls you into position, drifts with you like a shadow, then re-engages at the flick of a wrist.

To better hold up to the surf, the SST features reinforced surf-tough canopy paneling designed to take a beating if it goes through the wash and a condensed version of our IRS bungee that cannot get wrapped around the wingtips.

SIZES: 4/5/6/7/8/9/10/12 M


  • Superior surf and foil performance
  • Drifts like a dream
  • Direct feel, instant response, no tangling w/ compact IRS bridle
  • Reinforced surf-tough construction built to take a tumbling
  • Responsive steering, even when sheeted out or drifting downwind
  • Condensed IRS bridle won’t wrap around wingtips
  • Extensive black layout prevents UV damage


Slingshot FUEL 2018

Slingshot FUEL 2018

The Fuel’s Traditional-C profile and wide, squared-off wingtips deliver powerful performance, the best (and backstall-free) unhooked handling of any shape in the industry and gut-checking loops that travel deep through the window.

Relaunching is made surprisingly easy by refined leading edge and wingtip geometry.

Although tuned for freestyle-centric riding, the Fuel has respectable crossover performance.

The Fuel was the foundation from which countless other kites were designed, and over the years it has been the catalyst that launched many of the world’s best riders into their careers.

SIZES: 7/9/11/13 M


  • Unbridled C-kite power and performance
  • The original Megaloop master
  • Fine-tuned for freestyle/wakestyle and big air
  • Unrivaled unhooked control with zero backstalling
  • Bomber Slingshot construction built to take a beating
  • Extensive black layout prevents UV damage



Slingshot Kiteboarding 2018 – Video & Features

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Slingshot Kiteboarding 2018 – Video & Features
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